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A New Way to Be Green in Jefferson City
with Waste Connections.


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Waste Connections has been using a new recycling program called Single Stream Recycling for curbside collection customers since October 1, 2008.

With Single Stream Recycling all the materials you recycle are mixed together in one collection truck and sorted at an automated processing facility.  This will offer curbside recycling customers a simpler way to recycle.  Now all you do is toss in all your recyclables into one bin, place the bins at the curb the same day your trash is picked up and Waste Connections will do the rest.

Single Stream Recycling will allow Waste Connections to accept a wider range of

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recyclable material.   New materials accepted include mixed paper, mail, magazines, phone books, cardboard and plastics with

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plastic identification codes 1 through 7, along with currently accepted materials including glass, steel/aluminum cans, and newspaper.  The plastic identification code can be found on the bottom of most plastic containers.

Residents interested in recycling should contact City Hall at (865) 475-9071.

Do your part.
Recycle with Waste Connections!

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Made Easy

These new materials will be accepted under Waste Connections' Single Stream Recycling Program:

   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Office Paper
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Newspaper
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Magazines
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Junk Mail
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Phone Books
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) File Folders

   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Corrugated Cardboard
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Boxboard

   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) All Colors (no broken glass)

Metal Cans
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Aluminum
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Steel

   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Codes 1 through 7
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) Plastic Bags

Unacceptable Items:
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) No Styrofoam
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) No Ceramics
   bd14583_.gif (175 bytes) No Tempered/Window Glass



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