City Manager John B. Johnson

John B. Johnson was appointed City Manager on October 6, 1997. John has over 30 years experience in City Management.  Previously he served as City Manager for the City of Pikeville, Kentucky.  Prior to his governmental work, he was involved in the banking and insurance sector.  John is responsible for the day-to-day operations and management of the city and its personnel.  The City Manager works under the direction of the Mayor and City Council and implements policies set forth by them.  He oversees the approximately 110 full-time employees, including six departments, as well as 20-40 part-time and seasonal employees.  John is married to Susan and they are involved in their church and local and community activities.  John’s love of Jefferson City and the surrounding area prompted his move to our area over twenty one years ago.

“Jefferson City, Tennessee is one of the finest places I know to live in, raise a family, and experience the beauty of our creation.   With the closeness of The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, TVA lakes, and Knoxville, along with Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, our town is the perfect place for a business, and community atmosphere.  We are at the forefront of something special, as we are growing and expanding daily.  Growth estimates project our town to nearly double in size over the next 20-30 years.  Jefferson City is committed to recruiting new business and commerce, as well as to offering expanding job opportunities to its residents.   Along with the rapid changes taking place, our town still has the feel of a close-knit community where strong moral values and home-town traditions are the norm.   Our city is blessed with the finest employees anyone could ask for.  We invite you to come and visit us, stay a while, and make us your home.  This is truly a wonderful place.  It is an honor to serve as the City Manager of Jefferson City.”