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Fire Chief, Lee Turner
The Jefferson City Fire Department provides emergency response and educational services to the community. Our mission is to protect the citizens and visitors of Jefferson City from the adverse effects of fire and both natural and man-made disasters, as well as to provide effective fire prevention opportunities through public fire and life safety education.
The Jefferson City Fire Department has been serving the community since 1909. We are a combination fire department made up of 35 highly trained career, part-time, and reserve firefighters, and we currently operate 7 front-line apparatus out of one station. The Jefferson City Fire Department is an all-hazards agency and daily responds to calls for a variety of emergency services.
For Emergencies – Call 911
For Non-Emergencies – Call 865-475-3616

Capture11Fire Response and Suppression
When you have a fire emergency, call 911. The Jefferson City Fire Department will respond quickly and will do whatever we can to rescue those in danger as we bring the fire under control. Members of the Department investigate all fires to determine the cause and origin of the event.
The Jefferson City Fire Department responds to automobile collisions and other incidents to bring those in dangerous situations to safety. As first responders, we will also provide emergency medical care to anyone sustaining injury.
Capture11Hazardous Materials Mitigation
The Jefferson City Fire Department is trained in the prevention and mitigation of incidents involving hazardous materials. We provide rapid extraction to rescue those in harm’s way as well as safe containment, decontamination, and disposal to keep the community safe.
Capture11Emergency Medical Care
Members of the Jefferson City Fire Department are trained to provide treatment for trauma-related injuries and other medical emergencies such as cardiac arrest, diabetic emergencies, and respiratory arrest. Call 911 if you experience a medical emergency or see someone who needs help, and we will respond quickly to provide emergency medical care.
Capture11Public Education and Prevention
One way the Jefferson City Fire Department keeps the community safe is by providing public education to teach safe practices, including employee training, children’s camps, and a kid safety trailer. We also perform fire and life safety inspections at businesses to make sure they are following safe practices. Contact the Jefferson City Fire Department to find out more or to schedule a fire safety event.
Community Outreach Programs

As part of our “all-hazards” operational philosophy, the Jefferson City Fire Department provides fire inspections, codes enforcement, site plans review, and community outreach programs.
Kid’s Fire Camp

Every year, the Department conducts our annual Kid’s Fire Camps. These camps, which focus on fire prevention, first aid/CPR, safety, and teamwork activities, are 3 days in length and are held in June and July. Special visitors and events occur during camp, such as a visit from a medical helicopter and fire extinguisher training. The camps are free of charge and are very well received and attended by kids throughout the Lakeway Community.
Free Smoke Alarm Installation

The Jefferson City Fire Department participates in the “Get Alarmed, Tennessee” Program from the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office. This program provides free smoke alarms to residents of Jefferson City, and the Department’s firefighters install the alarms free of charge. Call the Jefferson City Fire Department for smoke alarm help at 865-475-3616.
You may request a free smoke alarm from JCFD if you meet the following conditions:
  • You live in the City of Jefferson City (if you live outside the City of Jefferson City, find your fire department here and contact them to make your request).
  • You do not already have a working smoke alarm in your home.
  • The smoke alarms in your home are older than 10 years old.
  • The smoke alarms in your home are NOT hard-wired.
  • You reside on the property you are requesting alarms for.
  • The home is not a new construction (new residential construction is ineligible for the program).

Smoke alarms are not guaranteed, as we do not always have alarms available.
Senior Safety Summit

Held in April, the Annual Senior Safety Summit provides an opportunity for local seniors to gather and learn about strategies for safer living in their homes and review products that are specifically targeted for this demographic.
Fire Safety Trailer

In 2018, the Jefferson City Fire Department received a grant for the purchase of a mobile fire safety training trailer for our public education program. The trailer allows our personnel to set up and deliver a variety of courses in a portable, purpose-built space which allows for a better learning experience. With enclosed bleacher-type seating, the environment-controlled portable classroom is the perfect venue for community outreach.
Child Safety Seat Installations and Inspections

Jefferson City firefighters are trained in the inspection and proper installation of child safety seats in motor vehicles. Further, the Department will provide a free child seat to families who need one and cannot afford to purchase one on their own. Finally, the Department attempts to sponsor at least two Child Safety Seat Checkpoints annually, where family members can come by the station and have their safety seats inspected for proper installation.
Community Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Classes

The Jefferson City Fire Department offers public Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) classes on a monthly basis. The classes cover adult, child, and infant CPR, the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED), and the relief of choking. These classes can be for certification or for non-certification. 
Firefighter Vist / Apparatus Demonstration

The Jefferson City Fire Department encourages citizens and businesses to request a firefighter visit or apparatus demonstration within the City of Jefferson City. Our firefighters would love to tell you and your group about the duties, training, equipment, and tactics firefighters use to respond and mitigate the large numbers and types of incidents we respond to. Please call the Fire Department at 865-475-3616 to schedule your event or for more information.
Family Safety House

The Jefferson City Fire Department’s Family Safety House is an interactive, educational venue that allows the JCFD to bring a mobile fire safety and injury prevention classroom to your location. Students are taught by a national curriculum that is based on the age group of the audience. Some of the highlights of our program include:
  • 911 Simulator – With a firefighter simulating the 911 operator in the control room, students can practice calling 911 to report an emergency and answering questions that an emergency operator would normally ask during a 911 call.
  • In the kitchen/living room/classroom area, students can learn to identify common household dangers such as matches/lighters, candles, and hot stovetops. Students will also learn the importance of smoke alarms and what to do when they sound.
  • In the bedroom, students will be taught the importance of having two ways out of every room in the house. With the assistance of a special heated door, the student must feel the door for heat, learning that there may be fire blocking their primary exit, so they must yell for help or escape through their secondary exit: the window.
  • During the finale, the smoke alarm sounds and non-toxic, water-based theatrical fog will be introduced to simulate “smoke.” The students will then crawl low under the smoke and follow directions to exit the Family Safety House safely.
  • The escape route will lead students to their pre-determined Outside Meeting Place, where they will be instructed on how to make a 911 call via a cellular device.

The Family Safety House is available for all age groups, and we have curriculum available for all groups from pre-schoolers to seniors.
Workplace Fire Safety
The Jefferson City Fire Department offers free training in fire extinguisher selection and use as well as evacuation planning for businesses and groups in Jefferson City. The training is provided in a classroom and practical setting. Typically, the training and hands-on portion lasts approximately 60 minutes. Some of the topics covered include:
  • The fire triangle
  • Classes of fire/fuels
  • Types of fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguishment theory
  • The P.A.S.S. (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep) method of operating a fire extinguisher
  • Practical portion of actual hands-on extinguishment of real fire

Fire Prevention: Knox Box

The Jefferson City Fire Department utilizes the Knox Rapid Access System to quickly enter commercial and residential properties in emergencies.
The Knox System includes a UL-listed key box/vault called a Knox Box installed on your property that only the fire department can open. Your Knox Box will contain entry keys and/or access cards to your property.
To order a Knox Box

  1. Go to
  2. Click on “Buy”
  3. Enter your location/ fire department
  4. Order directly from Knox Box
  5. The JCFD will verify your order to confirm it is keyed to the correct jurisdiction

*Please confirm the appropriate Knox Box model with JCFD before ordering Commercial:
  • The 3200 series is the most often indicated for single tenant spaces/ buildings
  • For larger buildings with multiple tenants, the 4100 or 4400 series models may be required
  • For all models, we recommend the hinged door with recess mount for added security

Residential Knox Boxes are also available for home emergency access.
Knox Box Installation

  • The building owner is responsible for installing the Knox Box.
  • It must be mounted on the exterior of the building within 3′ of the main entrance, on the left side, at a height of 5′ to 7′.
  • Once the Knox Box is installed, the building owner must contact the Jefferson City Fire Department to finalize the installation.
  • Fire personnel will inspect the Knox Box and install the access keys.
  • The access keys should be labeled as to what doors they fit. It is also suggested that fire alarm system master keys be placed in the Knox Box as well.

If you have any questions, please call the Jefferson City Fire Department at 865-475-3616.
Burn Permits

A Burn Permit is required for open burning in Jefferson City. The Jefferson City Fire Department is responsible for issuing these permits. Certain requirements that must be met to receive a Burn Permit include:
  • Water or other extinguishing materials must be available on site.
  • An adult over the age of 18 must be present during the burn.
  • No accelerant (gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, flammable solids, etc.) may be used.
  • Wind velocity must be less than 5 miles per hour at time of burn.
  • All burning must comply with the State of Tennessee Air Quality Law. The issuance of a Burn Permit by the Jefferson City Fire Department does not relieve you from obtaining necessary State permits when required.
  • The receipt of complaints may void the permit and require extinguishment of the fire.

The Jefferson City Fire Department reserves the right to cancel all issued permits due to changing conditions at any time.
To apply for a Burn Permit, please download, print, fill out, and bring in the Burn Permit Application to the Jefferson City Fire Department.
Join Our Team

The Jefferson City Fire Department is a combination fire department. This means that we employ full-time career firefighters as well as part-time and reserve firefighters. Part-time and reserve firefighters respond alongside our career firefighters and provide a force multiplier for our emergency response operations.
Benefits of a Part-Time / Reserve Firefighter

  • Being a member of a progressive, active emergency response organization
  • Free training (paid $20 per training drill attendance)
  • Free uniforms and personal protective equipment
  • Station stand-by stipend program ($85 per 12-hour shift standby)
Minimum Qualifications

  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED
  • Must possess a driver’s license valid in the State of Tennessee with the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle
  • Must submit to and pass a medical examination
  • Must pass a pre-employment physical agility test
  • Must attend and successfully complete the JCFD Basic Fire Recruit Academy within one year of membership (special exemptions for firefighters with previous experience/certifications)

Fire Department Apparatus

Engine 53
Placed in service and properly “wet down” in September 2019, JCFD Engine 53 is a 2019 Pierce Class A Engine. It carries 750 gallons of water on board, has a 1,500 gallon per minute (GPM) pump and on-board foam system, and carries approximately 2,500 feet of various sizes of fire hose. Engine 53 has internal seating for 4 firefighters, their personal protective gear, and various other essential equipment. It also carries a full set of Hurst electric rescue tools (Jaws of Life).
Squad 51
Squad 51 is a 2013 Ferrara Medium Duty Rescue Truck. This specialty apparatus is more of a rolling “toolbox” than a fire truck. Squad 51 responds to and carries tools and equipment for vehicle extraction and rescue, high angle and confined space entry and rescue, as well as a full collection of meters, suits, and leak kits for response to hazardous materials spills and leaks.
Engine 51
Engine 51 is a 2013 Ferrara Igniter Class A Engine with a 1,500 gallon per minute (GPM) pump, 750-gallon water tank, and a 4 person enclosed cab. Engine 51 is considered the “second due” apparatus, which means it usually follows the first out engine. Engine 51 is staffed with 2 firefighters to respond and operate the apparatus.
Utility 51
Utility 51 is a 2009 Ford F-250 and its main responsibility is to serve as a manpower transport, tow vehicle to the Department’s specialty support trailers, and to provide transportation for fire department personnel attending classes and training where they must supply PPE or other bulky items.
Engine 56
Engine 56 is the reserve engine for our pumper fleet and serves as the first out of the station for automatic and mutual aid calls in the county. It is a 1997 KME F-700 with a 1,250 gallon per minute (GPM) pump, a 1,000-gallon water tank, and quick dump for water shuttle operations.
Engine 52
Engine 52 is a 2003 Pierce Saber Class A Engine with a 1,500 gallon per minute (GPM) pump, 1,000-gallon water tank, and a 6 person enclosed cab.
Truck 51
Truck 51 is a 2002 Ferrara 100′ Mid-Mount Aerial Platform Truck. Truck 51 is considered a quint, which means it can serve five functions on the fireground: It has the 100′ aerial platform for elevated fire streams and rescues, a full complement of fire department ground ladders (125′) for deployment, a 2,000 gallon per minute (GPM) water pump for fighting fires, carries approximately 1,500′ of fire attack and supply hose, and has its own on-board 300-gallon booster water tank to start fighting fire while a hydrant water supply is being established.

The Jefferson City Fire Department uses Hyper-Reach to provide rapid notifications to the community about hazardous and urgent situations. Sign up to receive these alerts.

The Jefferson City Fire Department daily responds to a variety of emergency calls. Here is a breakdown of the number and types of calls received by the Jefferson City Fire Department each month.

Frequently Asked Questions

The City of Jefferson City requires Burn Permits for all open burning (with exceptions) occurring within the Corporate Limits year-round. Exceptions to this rule are warming fires, campfires, or fires smaller than two feet. Burn Permits can be obtained by visiting the fire station. Burning of anything other than naturally grown vegetation, grown on the property when the burning will occur, is prohibited. Burning shall begin after sunrise and conclude before sunset (unless otherwise permitted). We also require that a competent adult be responsible for the fire, a means of extinguishment is at hand, and no fires are kindled within fifty feet of a structure.

The Jefferson City Fire Department reserves the right to cancel all issued permits due to changing conditions at any time.

The answer is quality care! The Jefferson City Fire Department provides Emergency Medical Fire Responder Services to its citizens and visitors. This means when you call 911, your call is categorized into a priority system. Priority 1 calls, or calls which are severe or could be life-threatening, are dispatched to the fire department and the county EMS agency at the same time. Our fire apparatus are staffed with a minimum of 2 trained and licensed Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians (AEMTs). Often, fire apparatus are closer to the incident address, and these responders can provide life-saving stabilization and treatment until the EMS transport service arrives on the scene. Our providers provide this care and perform medical assessments to report to the EMS paramedics when they arrive. By having these additional hands on scene, patient care is improved, and the preparation time before transport to the hospital is significantly shortened.

Most likely, the apparatus has been canceled by our 911 dispatchers. Our apparatus and personnel communicate with the Jefferson County 911 Central Dispatch Center by radios in our vehicles. 

Often, several units are dispatched simultaneously to an incident. The first unit may arrive on scene, assess the situation, and communicate to all the other units that a single engine can handle the emergency. At this point, all other units are canceled by radio and are available and ready to take another call for service.

Please pull to the right and stop. Emergency response vehicles will always try to pass vehicles on the left. This allows fire apparatus or other emergency vehicles adequate and clear lanes to safely and quickly continue their response.

Remember to look before continuing on as there may be more engines responding after the first one.

Emergency responders are frequently injured and killed by being unintentionally hit by passing traffic while working on the side of the roadway. We ask that, if possible, you move over to the outside lane away from the emergency workers on the roadway. Please pay special attention and be aware when traveling through these scenes.

Fire department apparatus and resources are dispatched according to the information received by the 911 caller to the 911 Center. The Jefferson City Fire Department responds to incidents with adequate resources to provide the best, most competent level of service to its citizens and visitors. In other words, our firefighters respond and are prepared to deal with the worst possible case scenario upon arrival based upon the information received from the initial caller. If fire personnel wait to call for needed resources after arrival, it will likely be too late. Unfortunately, we have learned that it is easier to cancel emergency responders when not needed than to request them once it is determined that more responders are needed.

A structure fire requires a significant number of trained, competent firefighters to immediately accomplish all of the assigned tasks to maintain firefighter and resident safety. Firefighting teams are assigned certain responsibilities such as fire extinguishment, search and rescue, ventilation, utility control, firefighter rapid intervention, salvage, safety, accountability, running the fire pumper, and incident command.

The Jefferson City Fire Department belongs to the Jefferson County Automatic Aid System, which is a system that assists all departments in getting the proper amount of equipment and manpower to working fire incidents. Two additional fire departments, along with the jurisdictional fire department, are dispatched to all working structure fires occurring in Jefferson County. These departments are predetermined by their location to the vicinity of the fire incident location. These additional units may be used to supplement manpower needs, assist with operations, or shuttle water to unhydranted rural areas in the County.
The fire department does not service fire extinguishers. There are many fire extinguisher sales and service companies listed in the telephone book with the proper equipment and training to service them. 
Reports for fire incidents can be requested through the Administrative Office at the fire department. Please call 865-475-3616 to ensure the report is available. Report copies can be picked up at the station, emailed, or faxed to you.
The Jefferson County E-911 Emergency Communications District utilizes Hyper-Reach as its emergency notification platform, which you can sign up for here.