Historic Zoning Commission

The purpose of the Historic Zoning Commission is to encourage the preservation of historic sites in Jefferson City. The commission reviews plans for projects located in designated historic zones of Jefferson City and makes sure the Historic District Design Guidelines are followed. The Historic Zoning Commission also advocates for the city’s historic sites when changes to state, local, and federal laws may affect them.

Historic Zoning Commission meetings are held by Public Notice at City Hall.

Historic Zoning Commission Members

Historic Zoning Commission members are appointed by the Jefferson City Mayor for 5-year terms. At least one member must be a representative of the Jefferson County Historical Society.

David Rosser, Chairman | Term expires July 2020

Robert Burts | Term expires July 2024

Elizabeth Moser | Term expires July 2023

Tony Di Giosia | Term expires July 2027

Ailene Combs | Term expires July 2024

John Welton, County Historical Society Rep | Term expires July 2021

David Rosser | Term expires July 2025

Matt Clay | Term expires July 2026